At NestraIT we introduce the best quality talent we have to all of our clients looking to outsource their development capabilities. Our customers are introduced to the finest developers we have in Nepal at a very competitive and reasonable price to quickly scale their resources or to outsource the development completely.


Hire The Best For Less


We provide end-to-end solutions with full-time, offshore employees. Our software developers, website designers, and testers will serve any needs you have and at a very reasonable price. Get a Free Trial now to kick start today.

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Key Features


Our size enables short ramp-up time (2-4 weeks) and easy scaling up and down in line with your project’s needs

Quality Programing

We do not achieve shorter time-to-market by compromising software quality – we achieve it by way of professionalism


Over 50% of our developers are Seniors and Leads with multiple years of experience in the software development industry.

Agile Ready

Our developers are Agile ready and have worked in Agile environments and Scrum teams.

Our Clients


Front End Development

Back End Development

Hosting/Business Tools